Friday 8 June 2012

An Illusion Created By Tables And Chairs

       photo by Amber Dodds

It may just have been an illusion created by tables and chairs but last night's show at The Prince Albert in Brighton appeared to be full of people. We were definitely out of practice as we blundered through a set that seemed to be making up its own mind as it went along but no one noticed and I think we actually left the stage to rapturous applause. I can't actually be sure of that because I develop a weird skill during the eighties of blocking out end of the set applause in case it was jeers and catcalls, or simply non-existent.
Tonight we're playing in London. Before we set off for the gig we're going to write our Kickstarter proposal. We've already made a promotional film - it looks like a K-Tel advert (but more low budget). By the end of the weekend it could well be up and running - a curious idiom - up and running - why not plugged in with the switch in the "on" position and the red light glowing? I sometimes wonder who thinks up these expressions. But anyway... you could be watching our film, pledging support and all that sort of stuff by the end of the weekend. Or at the beginning of next week.
If our Flip Camera Windows Movie Maker film doesn't turn us into successful video directors overnight (and of course we fully expect it will), and if the Kickstarter thing works, we'll be releasing our third album together sometime in August. We're calling it A Working Museum.
Now I've got to pilot a hire van to London without wrecking any more badly parked Renault Clios. But more about that later.


  1. Yes it was a really good gig, and in a quite nice place... The one in london was great too but we were really squeezed! I wish i'd said something else to you than just "yeah" "euh..." and "ah!" but i'm quite shy and not very confident with my english. (i'm the girl from angoulême) Bref... Thanks again for these two great gigs, it felt really good, especially during a depressing time largely due to this saloperie d'english weather...

  2. It was great and nice tables and chair illusion.

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