Transitory Thing

they say travel broadens the mind
well I must be the stay at home kind
you see I’d be been everywhere 
before everywhere all looked the same
the furniture the baked goods the road signs
and even the names

I carried a case full of dirty clothes
halfway around the world
when luggage was smaller and the chances were plenty
I drank beer and sang songs for girls
the world was a much much easier place
dangerous but much more obvious
now everybody’s got to cover their heads
you’d have to be bulletproof just to survive this

give me a smile
this is just a transitory thing
here today gone tomorrow
we’ll be outlived by most of these things

by frozen noses burned out cigarettes
broken fridges LPs and cassettes
and just about every TV set we’ve ever owned

give me a smile
let’s try to walk the extra mile

it’s a slow self-cruxifiction
brought about by embarrassment
I sometimes wish that I was somebody else
and I’m sure that you do too
no one knows how hard it is
for someone else just to exist
so it’s a slow self-cruxifiction
decades of dark moments an ever growing list

give me a smile

it would mean the world to me

© Eric Goulden / Wreckless Eric / Fire Publishing 2015