Boy Band

a boy band had their fifteen minutes
metamorphosed into men then disappeared from view
they faded out most like one of their own records
while the DJ talked about something else
and the public moved along

two of them held up a filling station
they were caught on camera on the CCTV
familiar faces on the backside of fame
unlucky day
detectives who watched the video tapes said
hey - we’ve seen these two before
and down they went

the other one had a solo career
twelve big hits in just three years
made two LPs that didn’t sell
they didn’t quite gel
but he did very well on the residuals
and retired to country life
(until the money ran out)

time passes by
old wounds heal
new deals are made
all is forgiven all is forgotten
and anyway they need each other now
more than they ever did before

and suddenly they reappear
and one of them has grown a beard
another one says he’s gay
but that’s old news to most of the world anyway
and here they are again on Top Of The Pops
they’re showing a re-run
the comeback tour is all sold out
and everything’s wonderful
because the squalor has all fallen away
from the memories of those fantastic days
yes the squalor has all melted away
from the memories of those wonderful days

© Eric Goulden / Wreckless Eric / Fire Publishing 2015