Tuesday 25 May 2010

Eric & Amy at home (and on tour)

I hope we can do more of this sort of thing, filming that is - we're always playing but this is the first time we've recorded an acoustic rehearsal. We did it because we thought it might be better than the general crappy youtube stuff of us that other people put up.
We're setting off for Paris today and flying to the States tomorrow. Having got the hang of this homemade film equivalent of lo-fi we'll try to do some more if we get time in whatever bizarre locations we might find ourselves in.


  1. My 5 year old sings Whole Wide World. Hope you are not offended, as we know it's a cool tune and not for kids at all-- but hey, our little guy is really a huge fan. Can u play it next week in Chicago?

  2. Haven't heard this tune in a long time; ok, not since it came out and was a hit. : )
    Are you guys coming back to the States to tour any time soon? Please don't forget us in Western MA; maybe you could play the Iron Horse in Northampton?
    It was great meeting you both in Cambridge and wishing the best of luck with the new work.
    All the best,

  3. Very nice - nice to catch up after 33 years, Eric, and good to meet Amy. Heard 'walls' on the Radio Free Song Club and have been playing it over and over in the car today. Definitely my fave track of the year so far. What chance of a gig further north this year?
    Jono, Teesside, UK